You're Grass and I'm a Power Mower


Sheriff John Stone: :D Looking forward to your Dylan comp! Jun 22, 2021 23:52:57 GMT *
Kapitan: Heard on the radio Britney Spears is having a trial re her conservatorship today. She's exactly like Brian Wilson! ... minus any and all musical talent. Jun 23, 2021 12:22:47 GMT
kds: Buuuuurnnn!! Jun 23, 2021 12:48:14 GMT
The Cincinnati Kid: I'm a little surprised that every time I've heard or read about it that nobody has ever compared it to Brian's situation back then. I guess it's ancient history to people interested in her. Jun 23, 2021 12:48:51 GMT
kds: As much as I can't stand her music or the fact that she pretty much set the template for the 21st Century pop tart, I'll admit, I felt bad for her when she had her breakdowns in the 2000s. Jun 23, 2021 12:51:16 GMT
carllove: Kapitan! :carllaughing: She is a better dancer. Took my daughter to see Britney back in the day before she got too raunchy. I do hope she breaks free. Sad situation. Jun 23, 2021 12:59:15 GMT
Kapitan: LOL , I was actually going to say "she is, however, a better dancer." Though Brian said of himself in one of the docs (On Tour?), "I dance pretty good." So maybe he's up for a dance-off. Jun 23, 2021 13:01:38 GMT
kds: I don't know if Brian could these days, but I think Bruce could give her a run for her money. Jun 23, 2021 13:04:26 GMT
The Cincinnati Kid: Hard to beat these moves: :brucemikedance: Jun 23, 2021 13:08:12 GMT
kds: I doubt Britney could top that. I just hope Bruce doesn't try to cop the school girl look. Jun 23, 2021 14:11:20 GMT
Kapitan: Are you crazy? I'd pay big money to see him try that look! Jun 23, 2021 15:36:43 GMT
kds: LOL. Maybe he can convince Mike to cover Hit Me Baby One More Time on 12 More Sides of Summer Jun 23, 2021 18:15:51 GMT
carllove: Thanks kds - that is now a picture I can’t get out of my mind! Bruce as Britney - LOL! Jun 23, 2021 22:28:30 GMT
kds: Better than Mike dressing as Katy Perry for a mashup of California Girls and her California Gurls. You're welcome. :) Jun 24, 2021 13:25:39 GMT
Kapitan: What goes on in that disturbed mind of yours, KDS!? :briantf: Jun 24, 2021 13:40:24 GMT
kds: I wish I knew sometimes Jun 24, 2021 14:20:56 GMT
jk: Well you're among friends here. :) Jun 24, 2021 15:47:46 GMT
Kapitan: Yes, friends ... and one secret enemy! [Cue scary music] Jun 24, 2021 18:14:13 GMT
Kapitan: Happy Friday, all. The weekend is near. Jun 25, 2021 11:51:53 GMT
jk: Happy Friday to you too, sir. :) Jun 25, 2021 11:55:50 GMT