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kds: I think the original NPP thread was moved. Apr 7, 2020 20:08:26 GMT
The Cincinnati Kid: Yeah, I temporarily moved the thread. Also, it looks like right now we have another new record of most users online. Apr 7, 2020 20:10:30 GMT
B.E.: TCK, thanks for the new sub-board. Apr 7, 2020 20:15:44 GMT
The Cincinnati Kid: No problem! Apr 7, 2020 20:17:26 GMT
Kapitan: Re the most users: hopefully it wasn't people thinking the (brief, temporary) revisiting of dirty laundry was worth ogling. It's not what we do here! Apr 7, 2020 20:19:29 GMT
The Cincinnati Kid: I kind of wonder if the Sherriff typing in "smiley smile forum" redirected people here who were doing a google search. Or maybe not? Apr 7, 2020 20:22:10 GMT
jk: Thirty-four users 13 minutes ago. Well I never. B-| Apr 7, 2020 20:23:05 GMT
Sheriff John Stone: I'll do anything for attention. :marilynwink: Apr 7, 2020 20:26:34 GMT *
Kapitan: You're lookin' good there, SJS! Not how I pictured you at all! :D Apr 7, 2020 20:33:50 GMT
jk: ::6u4fTpzXa2LTelP6mu21:: That used to be elora's avatar somewhere or other--here, I think. I just checked--it was here. 8-) Apr 7, 2020 20:48:23 GMT *
jk: I'd like to think one reason we're getting good viewing figures is that the "Power Mower" link I have in my signature at Smiley and Hoffman takes you to the "Power Mower" topic at this forum. ;) Apr 7, 2020 21:36:16 GMT
Sheriff John Stone: I'm not making excuses, well, I guess I am, but I'm having a hard time reading the board. This background collage is not working for me, and, if you're quoted or a post is liked, just above Profile is Brian's head on the Sunflower album cover and Apr 8, 2020 18:09:19 GMT
Sheriff John Stone: it's being obscured. Also, some of the buttons are white and hard to see to click on them. Sorry for the rant but just being honest. Apr 8, 2020 18:09:51 GMT *
The Cincinnati Kid: I'm working on getting the buttons fixed, but I'm not sure what you're talking about with notifications. It should pop up in its own little notification box with the number of notifications. Is anyone else having an issue? Apr 8, 2020 18:53:30 GMT
Kapitan: No issues here Apr 8, 2020 18:56:00 GMT
B.E.: No issues here, either. I have noticed the color of the notification box has changed. Perhaps a different color would help SJS? Apr 8, 2020 19:02:15 GMT
The Cincinnati Kid: Although I will say, I'm using a different computer right now and I don't see "The Beach Boys Today!" at the top of the page like I do on my other computer. So I guess I'll have to rework that again... Apr 8, 2020 19:03:20 GMT
Kapitan: I hadn't noticed that, but I guess the top banner is cut roughly in half for me (15" macbook laptop) Apr 8, 2020 19:09:03 GMT
Kapitan: But then again it's not an issue from my perspective. Apr 8, 2020 19:09:17 GMT
jk: No issues here, either. ;) Apr 8, 2020 21:57:42 GMT