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carllove: If you want to pick one today, I can do one Monday. Gotta start getting ready to power wash my deck this morning! Did get my thoughts in on 2010 this morning. Rough year! Sept 18, 2021 13:04:24 GMT
carllove: Actually Kapitan, my husband is still sleeping, so I will choose a year this morning. It will be 1972. Sept 18, 2021 13:14:07 GMT
B.E.: '63-72 - not just the best years for the Beach Boys but for popular music. Sept 18, 2021 13:25:18 GMT
Kapitan: Great year for music! Sept 18, 2021 14:34:33 GMT
B.E.: So, "H.E.L.P. Is On The Way" quotes a Kenny Rogers song. Had no idea... Sept 19, 2021 18:50:49 GMT
Kapitan: You mean "what condition my condition is in"? Sept 19, 2021 21:16:37 GMT
B.E.: Yes. Is there more to the story? Is it from somewhere else? Sept 19, 2021 21:51:28 GMT
Kapitan: No, I was actually wondering the same from you! I just recognized the phrase, no idea of any specific details, reasons, stories. Sept 19, 2021 22:42:38 GMT
jk: , I see you double-posted in the "365 Days" topic. You can delete the first one, you know. Just click on the cogwheel at top right of that post and it gives you that option. Sept 20, 2021 7:14:11 GMT *
Kapitan: "Sail On, Sailor" and "Only With You" are up for discussion and rating. (As of yesterday, so is George Harrison's self-titled album, in the Beatles rating thread.) Sept 20, 2021 11:58:33 GMT
carllove: Done! Thanks jk! Sept 20, 2021 13:07:26 GMT
jk: : Are you planning to continue your Sparks history? It's been fascinating so far and I'm sure I'm not the only poster here who would appreciate it. When the time is right, of course. ;) Sept 20, 2021 20:19:15 GMT *
Sheriff John Stone: Thanks, jk. I apologize for dragging my feet. I expect to have something posted in a few days. Sept 20, 2021 22:35:38 GMT
Kapitan: That is NO EXCUSE. You're guilty as charged (said the guy who realized today he started a Prince thread like a month or more ago and 100% forgot about it). Sept 20, 2021 22:48:03 GMT
Kapitan: :bouncybrian: Sept 20, 2021 22:48:09 GMT
Sheriff John Stone: :D Sept 20, 2021 22:57:10 GMT
jk: That's good news, Sheriff. And good news from you too, Cap'n. :D Sept 21, 2021 10:12:14 GMT
carllove: Sheriff and Kapitan, totally understand! Just let us know when there is an update. I am enjoying both! I really appreciate both of your efforts! Sept 21, 2021 13:44:37 GMT
carllove: Looks like Sheriff has already added to the Sparks history! Yay! Sept 21, 2021 13:46:01 GMT
Kapitan: Shamed, I began a new Prince thread post. But work rudely interrupted by wanting me to, you know, work. So it'll have to wait. Sept 21, 2021 19:31:50 GMT