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Sheriff John Stone: Thanks, jk. I apologize for dragging my feet. I expect to have something posted in a few days. Sept 20, 2021 22:35:38 GMT
Kapitan: That is NO EXCUSE. You're guilty as charged (said the guy who realized today he started a Prince thread like a month or more ago and 100% forgot about it). Sept 20, 2021 22:48:03 GMT
Kapitan: :bouncybrian: Sept 20, 2021 22:48:09 GMT
Sheriff John Stone: :D Sept 20, 2021 22:57:10 GMT
jk: That's good news, Sheriff. And good news from you too, Cap'n. :D Sept 21, 2021 10:12:14 GMT
carllove: Sheriff and Kapitan, totally understand! Just let us know when there is an update. I am enjoying both! I really appreciate both of your efforts! Sept 21, 2021 13:44:37 GMT
carllove: Looks like Sheriff has already added to the Sparks history! Yay! Sept 21, 2021 13:46:01 GMT
Kapitan: Shamed, I began a new Prince thread post. But work rudely interrupted by wanting me to, you know, work. So it'll have to wait. Sept 21, 2021 19:31:50 GMT
jk: Ooohh, we need a new "year" -- preferably from someone who hasn't chosen one yet... Sept 22, 2021 9:59:24 GMT
Kapitan: Yes, let's keep it going. If you're not sure which years we've covered, check the first post of the thread: I've edited it to list each year we've touched upon. Sept 22, 2021 13:10:08 GMT
jk: If no one jumps in soon, I'll go for 1997, which is 13 years back from 2010. Fact is, we haven't had a '90s year yet. Sept 22, 2021 13:46:32 GMT *
Kapitan: No, but we do have a whole '90s thread that covered a lot of that territory. (In fact, that's what inspired the idea, to some extent) Sept 22, 2021 13:52:28 GMT
Kapitan: Not that I'm opposed to a '90s year, mind you Sept 22, 2021 13:52:58 GMT
jk: I see where you're coming from, Cap'n. I even did a double-take when looking through 1997 albums and songs (these look familiar!). My next suggestion is that we go back 13 years from 1972 to 1959. Sept 22, 2021 17:04:34 GMT *
jk: OK, it's one of the "doldrum years" but it was crammed full of goodies that even register with folks who weren't born for another 20 years. Of course, if anyone has a better idea, I'm all for it. ;) Sept 22, 2021 17:05:59 GMT *
Kapitan: That would make sense; we also haven't really touched the early to mid 80s, which I'm sure people (mostly) recall. And of course EVERY year in the '60s seems loaded... Sept 22, 2021 17:06:53 GMT
jk: Yes, the early-ish '80s also came to mind. But let's see who else joins in... Sept 22, 2021 17:08:04 GMT *
Kapitan: So far we've had me, jk, kds, and carllove choosing years. Would love to expand that circle. Sept 22, 2021 17:13:20 GMT
Kapitan: Which, I guess with four of us so far, is more a square. Sept 22, 2021 17:13:38 GMT
jk: Ha, yes. Sheriff? B.E.? sockit? The Kid?... We'll see. ;) Sept 22, 2021 17:16:41 GMT *