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jk: Well, Cap'n and I have chosen two years each in the "365 days" thread. Who's next with a year of their choice? It doesn't need to be a 13-year jump. :P Sept 14, 2021 18:57:48 GMT
Kapitan: Yes, someone else pick a year. I don't want to be a board-hog. Sept 14, 2021 19:18:19 GMT
jk: Nor do I. 8-) Sept 14, 2021 19:55:18 GMT
kds: I've been thinking about a year to choose. Maybe tomorrow or Thursday. I've waffling between choosing a truly great year, or one I actually experienced in real time. Sept 14, 2021 19:59:39 GMT
carllove: Thanks kds! I can pick the one after that, as I will be on vacation starting this weekend! Can't wait! Sept 14, 2021 20:32:32 GMT
Kapitan: Vacation, excellent! Enjoy it! Sept 14, 2021 23:14:40 GMT
kds: 2010 is up in the 365 Day thread. Sept 15, 2021 13:47:21 GMT
Kapitan: Scanning my 2010 music, turns out I enjoyed that year much more musically than I'd have guessed had I not checked. Sept 15, 2021 19:46:17 GMT
sockit: Oh man! I'm not going to be much for contributing re: 2010. I pretty much gave up on current music around 2008. Sept 16, 2021 3:26:42 GMT
kds: I'll admit, it's kind of a lean year. But, I decided to chose a year that I experienced in real time. But, as with even the worst years, it had its moments. Sept 16, 2021 12:37:41 GMT
Kapitan: Welcome, . Glad to have you. Sept 17, 2021 11:38:40 GMT
B.E.: Yes, welcome! Sept 17, 2021 22:54:23 GMT
lonelysummer: Shoot, i gave up on new music in the 90's. Sept 18, 2021 2:18:38 GMT
Kapitan: Anyone want to kick off the next year's music to discuss? Pick anything except 1976, 1963, 1989, 2002, or 2010. Sept 18, 2021 11:22:42 GMT
Kapitan: If not, I'll post a new one later today. Sept 18, 2021 11:25:26 GMT
jk: Sounds good to me, Cap'n. Sept 18, 2021 11:50:32 GMT
carllove: If you want to pick one today, I can do one Monday. Gotta start getting ready to power wash my deck this morning! Did get my thoughts in on 2010 this morning. Rough year! Sept 18, 2021 13:04:24 GMT
carllove: Actually Kapitan, my husband is still sleeping, so I will choose a year this morning. It will be 1972. Sept 18, 2021 13:14:07 GMT
B.E.: '63-72 - not just the best years for the Beach Boys but for popular music. Sept 18, 2021 13:25:18 GMT
Kapitan: Great year for music! Sept 18, 2021 14:34:33 GMT